COVID-19 Update

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, LMT will take place online this spring. In lieu of the traditional multiple-round competition format, LMT this spring will consist of only a single team round to be solved over a longer span of time. For more information, see the Rules page.

General Information

The Lexington Mathematics Tournament (LMT) is a mathematics competition sponsored and run by the Lexington High School Math Club in Lexington, Massachusetts. The students at Lexington High School volunteer many hours to create an incredible experience for its participants.

LMT Fall is held every year in early December. The second annual LMT Fall will be held on Saturday, December 7th, 2019.

LMT Spring is held every year in April or May. The eleventh annual LMT Spring will be held online from Saturday, May 9th, to Friday, May 15th.


In high school, there are overwhelmingly many opportunities from all sorts of math leagues and contests and competitions, whereas there are far fewer in middle school (small regional leagues and MathCounts). We also realize that the transition from middle to high school math can be difficult. Inspired by other tournaments that provide challenging problems to high school students, it is our goal to offer middle school students an equally fun competition to help bridge the gap to high school mathematics and encourage them to continue their pursuit of mathematics in all of its forms.


You can find an archive of all past years' problems and solutions in this Dropbox folder.


Participation in LMT Spring Online is completely free.